Inside Tints

Inside Tints
Commercial Tinted Envelopes
Tints are printed on the inside of envelopes to help provide privacy and security by hiding or distorting what is inside. Tints can add an element of design and function to any envelope and help it stand out at a minimal cost. Many of our products are available with tint as stock items. Our tints can also easily be added to any custom job in any color.

Standard Tints

Below are examples of our standard tints. They include: Confetti, Linen, Barbary, and FDIC. Most tinted stock items are available with blue tint, while some are also in stock with black tint.

Confetti TintLinen TintBarbary TintFDIC Tint

Custom Tints

Using a custom tint pattern can create a unique look to your printed envelope. A great example is using your company logo or trademark. You can also use a repeating pattern or an important message on your tints. With customs tints, the possibilities are endless. We are here help create the perfect look for you! Contact us today.