Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy - Merritt Press, Inc. recognizes the importance of privacy. All information that you provide to us will be held in confidence. We do not make available information about visitors to our site to third parties.

Consent To Our Communication With You By E-Mail - By establishing an Account with us you grant permission for Merritt Press, Inc. to contact you at your e-mail address.

Guarantee - Merritt Press, Inc. guarantees the quality of the work we deliver to our customers. This guarantee is limited to providing the best possible resolution and images of the file you send us. Please note that we cannot improve the quality of file(s) that you send us. We suggest that you send images with at least 300 dpi, (dots per inch). If you wish to make a claim concerning a job you received, please contact us within ten days of delivery of any printing errors or envelope defects. The merchandise is sold without warranties express or implied, seller is not in any way liable for damages in an amount greater than the invoice price of the merchandise. These conditions may be waived only in writing by an officer of the seller.

Delivery - Merritt Press, Inc. ships all orders promptly. We cannot guarantee the arrival time of your order. You can choose from next day shipment, 2 day shipment or 3 day shipment at the time of your order to help get your order to you as quickly as you might need it.

Prices - Prices quoted are limited to acceptance within 30 days, are for immediate production thereafter. Prices are subject to all local, state, and federal taxes; and to availability, and changes in cost of materials and labor prior to acceptance.  If our site has a pricing error we reserve the right to contact you to and give you the option to cancel your order or to proceed with the correct pricing.

Product Specifications – Envelope sizes may vary due to different manufactures. Variances range from +/- 3/32” in regard to envelope size, window size, and window placement dimensions.

Color Matching - Computer monitors can display many variations of the same color specification, therefore, Merritt Press, Inc. only guarantee that the color you chose will be printed to industry standards for color match and cannot guarantee that the color you see on your computer is accurate in any way. Many factors can affect the color shown on your monitors that are completely outside of our control. Likewise, age, environment, and lighting conditions and more can affect the color shown on a printed PMS Color Guide and its interpretation by the human eye. When specifying ink, you should be sure that the color you specify is a known PMS Ink color and is taken from a certified PMS color guide for the proper paper choice (coated or uncoated).

Indemnification - Any materials that are sent toMerritt Press, Inc. are agreed by the sender to be the property of the sender and not copyrighted by another party or do not possess or include any other type of proprietary information or protection. In addition, sender acknowledges that any material sent to Merritt Press, Inc. is not subject to any slander or libel statements about any person or entity. The sender (customer) agrees to hold Merritt Press, Inc. harmless and pay for any costs whatsoever resulting from claims made by a third party concerning the reproduction of any protected materials.

Cancellations/Returns - Cancellations are only accepted if we have not started to print the order. If an order is in process, the cost of materials and labor incurred up to the time of cancellation will be billed. Due to the fact that all orders are custom orders we do not accept returns